Published at 01-07-2018

The sun was blazing on Sunday for the first of the BUFF® EPIC TRAIL events – an unmistakable sign that the just over 600 participants of the 42-kilometre discipline would have to overcome not only a 3,300-metre elevation gain but also temperatures that would once again make the day truly epic.

At 8 a.m. the race set off. Hundreds of people lined the beautiful streets of the town of Barruera waiting for the large peloton, comprised of famous faces from the international trail running world, to pass by. For another year, the discipline forms part of the Skyrunner® World Series – a guaranteed spectacle. The town of Taüll, the spa resort of Caldes de Boí, the Pic del Ferro (2,570 metres) and the Pic de Comaminyana (2,620 metres) were all decked out to welcome the stars of the race, which all fans of the sport should run at least once in their life.

After almost four and a half hours, Marc Pinsach reached the finishing line, his face brimming with satisfaction after notching up a well deserved victory to add to his list of triumphs. A few minutes later the Scottish runner Finlay Wild and Miguel Caballero followed suit to take the top three spots. They were joined on the podium by Albert Pujol and Ander Iñarra, who took fourth and fifth place respectively. 

In the women’s category the American Holly Page enjoyed a comfortable advantage to clinch the victory. Watching Oihana Azkorbebetia cross the finishing line hand-in-hand with her children was a truly emotional sight. She told us that she had not hesitated in attending this event that combines sport, family and mountains. Meanwhile, María Mercedes Pila crossed the finishing line in third place, and fourth and fifth place were taken by the athletes Montse Martínez and Laia Andreu respectively. Once again, the battle was full of excitement.

At 9.30 a.m. the final event of the BUFF® EPIC TRAIL began. A circular route of 11 kilometres through the lower area of the Vall de Boí. Quim Costa, Loic Robert and Manuel Méndez all secured places on the men’s podium, whilst Stevie Kremer, Inma Boada and Bianca Barquet all did the same for the women’s category.

It’s now almost time for the next edition of the la BUFF® EPIC TRAIL as part of the BUFF® MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL. You are all invited to enjoy everything the Vall de Boí has to offer: its setting, its culture and its people.

Mountains, peaks, crests, summits, waterfalls and lakes. BUFF® EPIC TRAIL is life.