New mountain duathlon and Vall de Boí Marathon Cup in the BUFF® Mountain Festival

Published at 24-01-2018

Registration is open for the Vall de Boí Marathon Cup on Sunday 1 July.

The 2018 Marathon Cup by Scott & Taymory will have an amazing party-style final in a perfect location for mountain biking. The final event of the championship will take place in Barruera, in the heart of Vall de Boí, as part of the great weekend of outdoor sport that is the BUFF® Mountain Festival on 30 June and 1 July.

The events that precede it are: Sant Joan de Mediona on 4 February, Aguilar de Segarra on 13 May and Girona under the Sea Otter Europe brand on 9 June.

The 2nd BUFF® Mountain Festival will aim to improve the incredible 2017 experience by increasing the number of events and scheduled activities forming part of the event. Mountain biking is one of the star formats for this family event that enables people to enjoy the Pyrenees while combining leisure, sport and culture.

Limited places

Now is the time to plan your season and the perfect moment to register yourself for this great Marathon Cup final. Why not prepare yourself a special weekend right as the summer is about to begin. There will be something for everyone and more! From live music, activities for children and families, and various cultural events.

For bikers, Vall de Boí offers an environment that perfectly distils the essence of mountain biking in the Pyrenees. Its routes present riders with long ascents that will let you pace yourself and discover how your effort can take you from the depths of Vall de Boí to the heavens of the highest mountains in the region. A contrast of landscapes that you can only experience here.

There will be two route options (35 kilometres of 56 kilometres) and two formats on each one: Pro (Competition) and Open (Amateur). Don’t let the numbers fool you. These are demanding routes, but perfectly within reach of any rider with a little training.

If you register before 2 May, you can even take advantage of a discounted price.

The mountain duathlon

If you like mountain biking and trail running, 2018 will have a new event for you at the BUFF® Mountain Festival on Saturday 30 June. Mountain duathlons are a spectacular format that combines the best of both sports. First of all, athletes complete a 15 kilometre mountain biking section that is all uphill to reach the Boi Taüll ski station. This is followed by a trail running section that reaches the highest point of the race on a circular 9 kilometre route around the ski station to return downhill to the pits area, pick up your bike and head on to the final section. Mostly downhill, the final section takes you to the finish line in Barruera.

A fun way to enjoy both mountain biking and trail running in the fabulous Vall de Boí environment.